Emil Fischer Award
fischerAwardThe Emil Fischer Carbohydrate Award 2017 will be presented to Prof. Carlo Unverzagt of the University of Bayreuth, Germany, in recognition of his outstanding accomplishments in the chemical and enzymatic synthesis of N-glycans and glycoproteins. The Emil Fischer Carbohydrate Award was established in 2008 by the European Carbohydrate Organization (ECO) in order to honor active scientists distinguished with contributions of excellence to glycoscience.
Sugars and Proteins
benDavisBen DAVIS
University of Oxford
Carbohydrate Research Award
FOTO Jeroen Codee Carbohydrate Research Award 2017The Carbohydrate Research Award for Creativity in Carbohydrate Chemistry will be presented to Prof. Jeroen Codee of the University of Leiden, The Netherlands, in recognition of his accomplishments in the development of synthetic methodology for stereoselective glycosylation reactions, effective protecting and functional group chemistries, and automated solid phase synthesis procedures. The Carbohydrate Research Award was established in 2001 by the Editors and the Publisher of Carbohydrate Research in order to distinguish creative scientists in carbohydrate chemistry research.