Emil Fischer Award

Professor Carlo Unverzagt wins the Emil Fischer Carbohydrate Award 2017

fischerAwardThe Emil Fischer Carbohydrate Award 2017 will be presented to Prof. Carlo Unverzagt of the University of Bayreuth, Germany, in recognition of his outstanding accomplishments in the chemical and enzymatic synthesis of N-glycans and glycoproteins. The Emil Fischer Carbohydrate Award was established in 2008 by the European Carbohydrate Organization (ECO) in order to honor active scientists distinguished with contributions of excellence to glycoscience.

Professor Carlo Unverzagt will present a plenary lecture on his research at the 19th European Carbohydrate Symposium (EUROCARB2017) in Barcelona.

The European Carbohydrate Organization and the Organizers of EUROCARB2017  congratulate Prof. Carlo Unverzagt.

More about Prof. Carlo Unverzagt:


Carlo Unverzagt studied chemistry in Mainz (Germany) at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University. In 1988 he received his doctorate with Professor Horst Kunz in Mainz. After postdoctoral training with Professor Jim Paulson at UCLA, Los Angeles (USA) he worked at TU München (Germany) with Professor Horst Kessler to obtain his habilitation in 1997. He was appointed Professor of Organic Chemistry at the LMU München (Germany) in 1997 and holds a chair in Bioorganic Chemistry at the University of Bayreuth (Germany) since 1998. His research interests are focused on the chemistry and biochemistry of carbohydrates, glycoproteins and natural products. Particular activities comprise the modular chemoenzymatic synthesis of N-glycans, solid-phase synthesis of N-glycopeptides and N-glycoproteins, N-glycan conjugates for NMR studies and biophysical investigations and enzymatic elongations of glycopeptides.

Work and contributions to glycoscience:

In the work of Carlo Unverzagt the areas of chemical and enzymatic oligosaccharide synthesis have merged with synthetic peptide chemistry and recombinant protein expression. These combinations have enabled the synthesis of biologically relevant N-glycans and specifically tailored conjugates up to libraries of entire glycoproteins serving as tools in glycobiology.

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