Glycoscience Community Database

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The glycoscience community is growing fast. Bi-annual meetings such as the European Carbohydrate Symposium series and the International Carbohydrate Symposium series are good opportunities to meet old and new colleagues. However, our community lacks an updated list of active members. For this reason, we have set-up a database aimed at compiling a list of active members in glycoscience research from academy and industry. The glycoscience community database can be accessed at: We kindly ask you to provide there the basic information of your group. All data is securely transferred to our servers, and will be treated in compliance with our privacy policy statement. Please note, this form is not the registration form to EUROCARB 2017. The latter can be accessed under the “REGISTRATION & ACCOMODATION” section of this website. Please, feel free to forward this information to the rest of your colleagues, and encourage them to participate in the database as well. All gathered data will be used to draw a public map of the glycoscience community which will be presented at EUROCARB 2017. We acknowledge your contribution in hand, and look forward to meeting you soon.